Before and After

1What is the best way to make an appointment?
Text us! We are always on the “move”.  Texting is the fastest way to book with us.  Yes, we can chat with you about specific questions, however if you call us and we don’t answer, it’s likely because we are providing an amazing spa experience and we’ll be sure to return your call ASAP.
2How much space will you need to set up?
The typical massage table is around 75x35, as long as we are able to walk around the table without hitting any coffee tables or dresser corners, we should be good.
3What do I need to provide?
We have a strict policy against negative moods, so all you need to have is a positive attitude and leave the rest up to us.  A powder room where we can wash our hands and a few outlets to plug in a massage gadget or two would be fantastic. 
4What does “full body” mean?
Basically, everything except genitalia! We have a strict “no hanky panky” policy. 
Any sexual innuendos, advances or gestures will result in immediate termination of your session, and yes, full payment is expected.  You’re welcome.
5What type of lotion/oil is used?
We use a variety of vegan, organic, paraben free and hypo-allergenic products. 
We tailor the products based on the client and thus, If you have nut allergies or special concerns, please indicate that upon when you request your appointment.
6What things can I expect during the massage?
Our bodies are amazing, and they ebb and flow much like the tide does.  You may experience flatulence (yes gas), stomach gurgling, the desire to fall asleep or the desire to chat until your hearts content.  All of these are welcomed.  We won’t judge.  When the body is shifted to a relaxation state these things happen naturally. 
We invite you to let it go and let it flow.
7What about pets?
We love pets! The more the merrier.  We just simply ask that you notify us before we arrive. 
8What form of payment do you accept?
We accept digital forms of payment such as Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, and Apple Pay.
Debit and credit cards are welcomed as well, please be aware that we access a 3% service fee to process credit and debit card transactions.  Remember, cash is always appreciated.
9What about tips?
Gratuities are cherished!  You can also show your gratitude with referrals, positive reviews and repeat business.
10Can you massage children?
Yes indeed!  Children have muscles too and believe it or not they get pretty tense.  Our ages range from infants to pediatric.  Contact us for more details. 
11What about spa treatments or other services that are not listed on your website?
If it’s out there, we likely have a therapist for you.  We specialize in the most popular forms of massage therapy. 
See our specials page for more details or fill out an inquiry form.
12What is your cancellation policy?
As a courtesy we ask that you give us at the minimum a 24-hour window if you need to cancel.  Things happen, we know, we ask that you respect our time just as we respect your time.
Any deposits will be forfeited should you decide to cancel. 
13What about aftercare?
 As a result of deeper forms of therapeutic massage such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, gua sha and cupping can cause slight levels of discomfort immediately after an sometimes days after service.  A bath of warm Epsom salts is recommended, so is drinking lots of water to help ease symptoms.

Wellness Abound Policies and Code of Conduct

1. Our company practices professional standards in our dress code, communication and client engagement.

2. Wellness Abound therapists give the highest levels of respect and in return ask for the same professional standards from our clients.

3. Wellness Abound is built on a solid foundation and upholds all Legal and Ethical requirements set forth by industry standards.

4. Wellness Abound therapists are Board certified as Licensed Massage Therapists and our company complies with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.

5. As a company we safeguard the confidentiality of our clients and ensure complete anonymity.

6. Our therapists will only practice modalities in which they are formally trained and proficient.

7. All clients will be draped accordingly to protect modesty and safeguard therapist/client boundaries.

8. Wellness Abound is a professional practice and does not engage in any forms of sexual misconduct or inappropriate touch.

9. Wellness Abound and its Therapist have the right to refuse and/or terminate any session that is deemed unsafe or detrimental to the therapist or company.

Spa & Corporate Events Policy

All Corporate events must provide 72-hours’ notice in the event there is a need to reschedule the event.  All corporate events and spa parties require a 50% nonrefundable credit card deposit to book the event.  The remaining balance is due upon completion of the service

Cancellation Policy

24-hour advanced notice is required when cancelling a massage appointment.  The full fee is required if a client fails to cancel a session before 24 hours of the appointment time.